Travertine Pavers on front stoop (Chicago)

by Andy
(Near Chicago,Il)

Here are some questions regarding placing travertine pavers over a concrete porch, and my answers.

I have 1 1/4" thick travertine pavers (versailles pattern) that I'll be installing over an existing concrete stoop at front of my home. I have several questions that I am worried about.

1)what is a real good thin-set for freeze thaw conditions for the bed joint between existing concrete and travertine?

I am not a mason so I hesitate to advise. Check with a mason or a stone yard as I believe the same adhesive can be used for all types of stone.

2)Will freezing water spawl or crack the edges of these tumbled pavers if a grout joint isn't put in and they were layed tight together. If I was to put in a grout joint I don't think it will look as nice but also looks as if it will throw off the pattern due to the different sizes going different directions.

Water will probably percolate down between the joints and just site on the concrete, which is not a good situation. If there was dry laid material beneath the surface travertine that would be different, as the water would be able to seep down.

Therefore I would definitely use a mortar between the joints. If you can find one that is deep or similar in color to the travertine it will be less noticeable. However, travertine pavers fit fairly tight together, so I don't feel the joints would look bad anyway.

3) I already used a product called "dry treat" on all 6 sides of the pavers. Do i need to put another sealer of some kind after installation?

Not really, unless you want to. I am not familiar with "dry treat" but sealers on travertine are optional. Since I don't know the product that you have already used, I would not seal them.

Sealers basically just enhance the color slightly and help to resist stains.

4) Can I use rock salt this winter to melt ice on the travertine paver walkway?

I believe there are two "salt" products to melt snow. One of them is definitely bad to use, while the other is better. I would probably not take the chance with travertine.

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