Travertine Pavers For Pool Decking Paving

by Iris

Thinking about installing travertine pavers around the pool. It is a large pool deck so I would like something easy to maintain and am concerned about mold and growth in the holes. Also how often do I need to seal it we have very intense sun and wet weather. Help!

Hi Iris,
As far as I know, although travertine pavers can have holes (depending on the quality you purchase), there is not a problem of any mold or weeds in these holes.

Regarding mold, when you think about it, a VERY shady and WET area is needed for mold to grow. This won't be provided by some tiny holes in travertine as the holes dry out due to their size. Also, soil/dirt would have to be packed into those holes for any weeds to grow.

There are travertine pavers for pool decking paving of different qualities. Go for the better ones and there will be fewer holes if they bother you. Personally, I do like to see a more uniform surface with minimal holes.


Sealing is optional. It doesn't have to be done at all, but if you choose to do it, the frequency will depend on the sealer you purchase, but generally sealing of the travertine pavers should be done every three to five years. (See links below). There are probably some out there that require a more frequent application. Sealing enhances the travertine color. It becomes a little richer looking. Sealing also helps to prevent stains on this natural stone.

Here are some links you might find helpful.

Some sealers to consider and additional information - Travertine Sealer

Options as to what to fill the joints with - Travertine Joint Filler

Here is a helpful page on some costs - Paving Costs

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