Thistle Feeders

There are various types of thistle feeders. They all are specially designed to hold thistle seed, also known as nyjer seed, which attracts particular birds that you might like to watch, such as Goldfinch.

Thistle seed is one of the most expensive seeds you can buy.

However, besides attracting the bright Goldfinches, these wild bird feeders have another advantage.

Squirrels normally do not like thistle.

Due to the seed being tiny, they hold a large amount of seed. They generally attract Goldfinches, (and other Finches such as the Red Finch and House Finch) Siskins, and Redpolls. It is the Goldfinch that is the one that most people want to attract.

Types of Thistle Bird Feeders

tube feeder is one thistle feeder. This has smaller openings than normal tube feeders to accommodate the small thistle seeds. The tube feeder may have just a few perches or it may have a multitude of them. It is quite a site to see a flock of Goldfinches at these feeding stations!

You can often see flocks of Goldfinch at these feeders!

You can also buy a thistle bird feeder in the shape of a tube, but made of mesh. Birds can feed and cling at many places on the feeder. The mesh is often made of stainless steel and is very tough. Finches other than Goldfinches like longer perches; there for you will bet more Goldfinches than other types of finches.

There is also a finch sock feeder. It is actually a cloth mesh bag that can be filled with nyjer seed. 

Thistle feeders can be mounted on a pole or hung from a tree or pole feeding station.

A pole feeding station is one in which there is a pole with numerous arms from which hanging feeders can be connected. There are many other options for setting up the station too, such as connecting feeding trays, nesting boxes, suet feeders and more.

You can also buy window feeders that hold thistle. These are great for watching the birds up close.

It may take Goldfinches awhile to come to your feeders, as they are particular. Justmake sure that the thistle seed stays fresh and does not get wet while you are waiting.

Sitting outside and watching Goldfinches at these feeders is a delightful experience. Their color in the summer is a bright yellow, and they are very showy. You might have 25 to 100 various Goldfinches at your thistle bird feeder in one day's time! 

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