Thickness of Dry Laid Bluestone
Stone Quarried from China

What thickness would you consider a minimum for dry laid bluestone that are regular in shape?

Are you familiar with a stone that is being quarried in China for patios? Colors are blue ice, slate gray, etc. The thickness is only an inch, but I am told the density is greater than most patio stones. It has not been widely use in our area, but we understand it has been widely use in the Northeast.

Thanks so much.

I would say 1" is the minimum although 1 1/2 inch is even better.

I have heard of the material being imported from China and I believe I saw it once at a stone yard in Virginia. It was very square and precise which was an advantage for straight joints. However, I am not familiar with the quality of it.

Recently I was contacted by a company that imports various types of stone and he was telling me about the stone like bluestone from China. It does not exactly look like bluestone, but it resembled it. The colors are more varied than the full range bluestone with lots more beiges, tans, and grays, although it did have the blues also.

However, this stone is specified as a quartzite which makes me think that it excels in strength. Whether it is a natural quartz stone or one that is mixed with other materials, I don't know yet. I am waiting to receive some samples of it.

I am not sure if it is the same stone you are referring to, but it sounds similar.
I'll try to follow up on this at a later date if I can.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Your description of the stone from China sounds exactly right. It has been described to me also as being denser and heavier than comparable materials.

Any reports from your area where it has been in greater use would be appreciated as you learn more.

You have a great site and it is a service to many. Thank you.

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Stone Quarried from China

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Aug 04, 2013
Any more info?
by: Anonymous

Does any one have more info this product? I am especially interested in whether it flakes and should be sealed with something?

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