stone wall bordering driveway - what are the best hardscape materials?

We are thinking of building a long natural stone wall along the curve of our property. Our concern is that with 80 inches of rain in this part of the country we need advice as to the best products that will withstand the rain and moisture. Any guidance would be appreciated!


I am assuming you are referring to a retaining wall. If not, please let me know!

There are many materials appropriate for a stone wall even if you have a lot of rainfall. The key is that it should be built properly with the correct drainage methods.
Take a look at:
Landscape Retaining Walls

Dry laid stone walls would include natural stone and also decorative block (offered by many of the paver companies). These walls typically have drainage pipe behind them. See this page:
Retaining Wall Drainage

You can also go with a mortared stone wall. Stones can be mortared in place or a concrete block wall can be built and face stone can be applied to the front.

In these types of walls, the same type of drainage can be used, or weep holes can be created allowing the water to actually flow through holes in the wall.

Decorative block is extremely stable, but not the most attractive, in my opinion. If you choose to go this route, be sure to provide lots of plantings in front of it to camouflage it. It's just less natural looking than the others.

One other type of wall to consider is a boulder wall.


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Apr 17, 2010
Hardscape Materials For Walls
by: Susan

I don't think the issue here is protecting the stone.

The concern is the longevity of the wall due to huge amounts of water falling on and around it. The wall stone itself will not deteriorate, but the wall itself might if not built properly and have the appropriate drainage as part of the design.

Sealants typically help protect the stone itself and are often used on certain types of stone patios. For example, when sealants are used on travertine pavers, they help protect the stone from stains. Sealants also can bring out the natural color of the stone.


Apr 17, 2010
stone wall sealant
by: Anonymous

So what makes a product "truly" sealant?

Apr 17, 2010
Sealant Products
by: Obsia

Use sealant products to protect the stone or any other water proofing material for the stone. But make sure they are truly water-proof.

disclaimer: we are a sealant company & provide 5 yrs guarantee with our treatment.

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