Sod Replacement Estimate

by Christi
(Layton, Utah)

I need a new 10ft tall deck and cement patio (20x16) underneath. The rest of my yard is nice lawn. How much of my nice lawn do think will be destroyed when construction is done? Oh and I have two big dogs that make it difficult for 'new' grass to have a chance to get established. Just an idea to plan for would be great! Thanks!

Hi Christi,
I would say that quite a bit of your lawn will have to be re-done. There is the existing deck removal, new deck construction and concrete patio installation. That's quite a bit of construction going on.

If I were to take a guess, I would say you could estimate re-doing your lawn at least 15 feet out from the deck. There is also the access way that will have to be addressed too.

Regarding your dogs (I have a dog too!), perhaps you can keep them off the new lawn for a few weeks until it gets established, whether you choose to re-seed the areas or put down new sod. Your choice would depend on costs, extent of damage, and time of year (sod is instant while seed will typically only grow well in certain times of the year.)


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Dec 01, 2009
new sod
by: Susan

Thanks so much Susan! That estimate will definitely soften the blow when I watch my lawn disappear, and when it comes time to budget!

Dec 01, 2009
lost lawn
by: Laura

I only lost the grass under the deck (20 x 15). I tried to reseed, but there is not enough sun to keep it alive. I too will have to do gravel, stone, pavers or something under the deck to make it look nice.

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