Redirect water flow from the house

by Ron
(Arlington, TX - Tarrant)

Redirecting Water Flow

Redirecting Water Flow

What can I do to redirect the flow of rain water from my house? I have included a picture to show you my problem. The majority of the water flows from under my neighbor's fence into my yard and then towards the house. I do plan to install gutters to help redirect the water from the roof. But I need some idea as to how to redirect the water on the ground away from the house.

Hi Ron,
I can't quite see the details in the photo, but here are some ways to get redirect water flow away from a house.By the way, it looks like there is text on the photos but unfortunately I can't read it.

1. Slope the land away from the house at a minimum of 1/4" per foot for a minimum of 5 feet out. The land sloping towards the house must be regraded to meet this elevation.At this point a swale can be created gradually leading the water to a lower pint where it can end. This migh be at the end of your property somewhere or into a dry well.

2. Install a perforated pipe at your house foundation and slope it at 1/4" per foot along the house. Where it ends, it should be connected to a solid pvc pipe led underground to an exit point.

If you have nowhere to lead the water to, a drainage pit is a solution. This is a very deep and wide hole that is dug and filled with stone. That's the easier and less expensive way of having one. Others are actual concrete drums.

These are just some of the main ideas for grading and drainage. You can read more about other solutions on my other pages:

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