Quality of travertine pavers

by Bob
(West Chester, pa)

I bought travertine pavers from what I believe is a reputable business for I researched and found no complaints. The product I bought is called Roma, which looks a lot like Leonardo. They are from Italy.

My concern is that when the hardscape contractor picked them up and brought them to our site, and there are some that are extremtly pitted, some with very large pitting and some with the corners already chipped off. Is this standard for premium travertine? I might add they were not cheap, close to $7 for 6 x 12 paver. Can you please advise. I fear I have less than premium travertine and see problems down the road. Thanks for any help


Hi Bob,
That does not sound like premium travertine pavers. There are holes (or pitting) in all travertine pavers, but with the higher quality materials, these are kept to a minimum. Also, I don't know why the edges are chipping...this should not be. Also, that price is not inexpensive so you should have received good quality material.

Take a look at this photo.

These stones are good quality.

The pavers are very smooth and have very few holes in them. They are not tumbled either...the edges are smooth which allows for the material to be laid very close together with extremely small joints. Tumbled pavers have a rougher, wavier edge. The joints are wider and typically not straight. Some people like that look. I like the straighter look.

Holes have the disadvantage of sitting with rain droplets. Although better travertine pavers have few holes, sometimes the manufacturer fills the holes to make them smoother.

Although this is a little late, the best thing to do with travertine is to get quite a few samples from the company you are ordering from.

At this point, you may call the company and explain the problem and see if they are willing to do anything for you. What their return policy is. You may have to pay 25% or something similar.

I would take care of this now as your instincts and concerns are probably justified. Better to correct it at this time than having a project that you are not happy with.

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