Favorite Purple Perennials

Purple perennials are pretty special in the garden. They are not as common as pink, white or yellow perennial flowers or annuals, yet they look great when mixed with other colors...or even used alone.

Purple perennials and annuals can range from very pale to very deep shades of the color. Think about the other plants and colors nearby when making your selection. A pale purple color may look great against dark green shrubs, but very dark purple may not stand out at all.

Plant and flower shapes of the perennials are also important, as are the shape and size of the leaves.

Lilac (Sorry...not a perennial, but I love it!)

Lilac is a beautiful purple shrub, but not a perennial.

Along with your perennials, consider adding a Lilac! There are so many colors in the purple ranges. Many add height. However, 'Miss Kim' is a lovely shrub about 4' x 4' with unbelievable fragrance. Plant it in a place where you  sit or walk by often.  'Bloomerang', a bit larger, is a repeat bloomer.

Japanese Iris

Japanese Iris is beautiful while flowering but afterwards too.

This is a beautiful perennial that I love. Not only are the flowers lovely, but the grass-like foliage looks great even after the flowers are finished. You get two for one! Each plant makes a nice, showy clump.


There are many varieties of Delphinium. All of them are striking. Some have blue flowers, which are lovely, but they are better know for their purple blooms. They can get quite tall and look nice either alone or behind lower flowering perennials or annuals.


Salvia is a plant of medium height. It's spikes of perennial flowers last for s few weeks. If you remove the spent flowers, it will cause more to come. Just pinch them off at the flower base or even a little further down.

Russian Sage

Russian Sage Perennial

Showy Russian Sage can be used where you what a large splash of color, such as shown here along a driveway entry.


Veronica is similar to Salvia. The flowers shapes are a little different, with elongated cones with soft tips.

Veronica comes in not only purple, but also pink and white.

This flowering perennial does not bloom quite as long as Salvia, but it is still a nice flowering plant.

Butterfly Bush

This drought tolerant perennial is extremely carefree, yet it is very rewarding. Its elongated purple flowers attracts butterflies, and it is one of those long blooming perennials. It comes in other flower colors too, such as pink and white. Use it where you need some height, as the smallest ones reach about four feet tall. It is definitely one of those hardy perennials.

Nepeta (Catmint) 'Walker's Low'

Catmint is a flowering perennial plant, which needs very little water. I like the variety 'Walker's Low'. This is a very low maintenance perennial which blooms for a long time. You can cut it back mid summer to rejuvenate it.

Read more about Catmint


Lavender looks nice alone, but particularly with roses.

Lavender looks nice alone, but particularly with roses. You don't have to do much to it as it will do well during droughts. It's fragrant flowers are nice to have in the garden, and you can cut them and bring them inside. Many people dry them and use them as sachets; their lovely smell stays for a long time. It is one of the best perennials for fragrance.

I like the variety 'Hidcote'.


Pansies are happy little flowers which are hard to resist in the early spring.

They are some of the first flowers you will see at the nurseries and they are very colorful.


Liatris is a showy plant which blooms in the middle of the summer. The color is a purple-pink and very bright.


Ok...not a perennial but I just had to add this beautiful Petunia plant (annual) that I grew while living in Virginia!

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