Plants For Front Yard Walkway

by John

Hi, I was wondering what plants to use for my front yard walkway that runs from the blvd. straight to the front steps. I was wondering what kind of shrub would be best to go along both sides of the walk that wouldn't be more than a foot high or spread more than a foot or so and also give me some color. I have lots of green in the yard and a row of burgundy barberries. My first thought was the low yellow barberry
but I'm really not sure. It's more or less to give the front yard some curb appeal.
Thanks, John


Hi John,
If you are looking for color, you might consider perennials. You can choose varieties that bloom throughout the seasons to provide constant
color. I could make suggestions, but I need to know if the area is sunny or shady.

I'm not a fan of yellow shrubs...they are too artificial and vivid looking in the landscape for my taste.

I could also recommend some shrubs but need to know where you live so that the plants are in the correct plant zone for your location.


Thanks for getting back to me so soon. The area we are talking about is in the direct sunlight throughout the day. I live in Kelowna, British Columbia. The area I'm looking at would be around 25' long by 1-1/2' wide for each side of the walk. I'm definitely open to any specific advice you would like to give.

Hi John,
You could do a mixture of evergreen shrubs and perennials. This would provide winter interest and color throughout the seasons. Groups of different shrub varieties would make it interesting and I would vary the textures. For example, if you use 5 Boxwood, you then might use 3 Holly bushes and then repeat the Boxwood again. Alter it slightly on the other side. Some can be lower and some taller for added creativity.

I could tell you to put a row of one kind of shrub, but not very exciting!

Perennials can be used in a similar way. Change the colors, time of blooming, heights, and textures. I would also add in one or two taller shrubs or perennials....Butterfly Bush or Lilac comes to mind.

I've written a book on evergreen shrubs that you might find interesting and helpful.
Designing With Evergreen Shrubs

And you can visit my page on perennials to choose some that you like.
Perennial Flowers

I hope this was helpful. I also offer design work. I could sketch this out for you at a minimal cost.


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