planting in a small space next to a garage

We are building a garage with a covered walkway to the house.

There is a space between the sidewalk and the garage wall that is 15 inches wide and 35 feet long. I need to plant something that will grow tall, but not wide. Would Espalier on the wall work or would narrow evergreen ornamentals be a better choice?
Thank you for your help.

Since there are very few tall evergreens that are only 15" wide, I like the idea of the espalier. It's creative and different. You can also underplant it with evergeen groundcover or perennials.

Which plants you choose for the espalier depends on your sun conditions. What are they and did you have any particular plants in mind? One that I like is Pyracantha because it has great winter berries, but it also has thorns. It takes the sun.

Another idea would be to use a trellis and some vines. However, most vines don't look that great in the winter. (You did not mention where you live, so maybe that is unimportant to you.) Roses, Clematis, and Honeysuckle are some to consider.

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Jan 21, 2010
Espaliered Plant
by: Susan

Hi Chris,
I've see Pyracantha espaliered. It looked great and as mentioned the berries were beautiful and also attracts birds.

Good luck and your welcome!

Jan 20, 2010
by: Chris

We are located in Northeastern North Carolina. This wall will get a southern exposure. I like the idea of a Pyracantha. I'm not sure what else might work. Thank you so much

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