Pink Flowering Trees
Top Choices For Your Landscape

It's not difficult to find pink flowering trees in all shades and depth of color. Here are somethings to note when selecting one for your landscape.

  • Small or large flowers.
  • Time of bloom - most bloom in the spring but either early, mid, or late
  • Tree shape - weeping or upright
  • Disease resistance
  • Fall color
  • Fall berries

I use most of the following pink flowering trees in my designs. They are all beautiful, but see my notes on some of the pros and cons.


Crape myrtle pink flowering tree.

The above beautiful flowering tree is a crape myrtle. I fist came across them while living in Virginia. Now, luckily for us northerners, they have hardy varieties here also. This tree has lovely bark and the flowers last a VERY long time during the summer. This is a great tree.

Pink Flowering Dogwood

Pink Dogwood tree.

I would recommend using one of the Rutgers Hybrids which are hardier than the native Flowering Dogwood. Trees hardier than native ones? Although it didn't use to be this way, for many years the native Dogwood has been susceptible to a fungus.

This is one of my favorite trees due to all season interest.

Purple Leaf Plum

This tree gets smallish pale pink flowers.

The tree has dark purple foliage which is interesting and the flowers show up nicely against it.

Weeping Cherry Tree

Weeping Cherry tree.
Cherry tree

Cherry Tree

This is another tree that has very small flowers, but there are tons of them when the tree is in bloom!

It is also very attractive for its weeping form. You might have to spray this tree as pests love it.

Eastern Redbud

This is a showy early bloomer. It's flowers appear before the leaves. It is a native tree and has very pretty heart shaped leaves. There is also a variety with mahogany colored foliage called 'Forest Pansy'.

Saucer Magnolia

You can't miss these flowers...they are very, very large and beautiful. This is another early blooming pink flowering tree and very showy. However, if late frosts occur, the flower buds or flowers themselves can be damaged. I wouldn't say all is lost, but much of it will be as the flowers will turn brown.

To further help you with information on trees, I encourage you to look at my ebook Trees For Landscaping where you will find the following:

  • The best ornamental trees for front and back yards
  • The most beautiful shade trees
  • Heights and widths, planting zones, etc.
  • Professional tips on use and placement

You will also see many beautiful pictures so that you can see what the trees look like. Click above to learn more. 

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