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We have a 15 X 18 patio (6 years old), no settling or cracks but is starting to flake on top...have had contractors look at it and they all say "it's too small of a job, go buy stuff and fix it yourself"...we would love to have it stamped and stained but the last guy said he was going to lay 4 inches of concrete over top what is existing (busting it out was another $1000)so I started looking to see if we couldn't paver overtop of it since that would only had 1 1/2 is already graded to drain away from the foundation and the stairs do need a skim coat to even out so he said he could skim the stairs & stain them, add 4 inches over the pad and stain and stamp....just not sure I want to go that route. Apparently when this patio was laid it was rained upon and you can see where water started wearing it away in spots (almost like salt on concrete)...but, NO cracks....he said if there were cracks he would say tear it out. just wanting to get more opinions and make the best economical yet asthetically pleasing choice! Thanks!!


I understand your dilemma from a cost perspective. However, I have a few issues with these ideas. The worst thing is to try to fix something and it not live a long life!

I am not a mason, but if the concrete is flaking, that makes me nervous. If you put any type of concrete over it, how do we know that it will adhere correctly due to the flaking? It is flaking for a reason (as you mentioned your thoughts).

I also strongly dislike applying a stain over concrete. The correct way to get a colored concrete look is to mix the color in with the concrete while it is wet and before it is installed. Stains will eventually come off.

I also don't like the idea of laying pavers in sand over concrete. I am just not comfortable with water seeping down on top of the concrete. When pavers are laid in sand without concrete beneath them (the correct way, water that gets into the joints can percolate down to the ground. With concrete it can't. Even if it is pitched correctly, water will still be sitting on top of the concrete.

If you were my client or if it were my own house, I would wait until I could afford to rip out the patio.

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Jun 12, 2011
Covering old patios
by: Thomas

What zone are you? Covering with pavers, bricks or stone is certainly doable, have done many times. If you are happy with the shape, the issues you describe are the easiest to cover. Issues that create problems are existing elevations with the concrete and the surrounding grade. You will need an edge restraint, this can be done several ways. Real frost proof brick or a water struck brick can give a very elegant look, the brick size can however limit your pattern choices. If the surface is dead level with a slope away simply lay the bricks TIGHT together on the concrete and sweep in sand the edge bricks can be glued or a soldier course in the ground at the patios edge will hold in the bricks The bricks have to be frost proof, they look much better than pavers if you have a traditional styled home.

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