Lawn Watering Tips 
How Often, How Much and New Lawns

Here are some lawn watering tips. Follow them and you'll be rewarded with a lush, thick lawn. Although fertilizing, edging, and mowing are necessary, the easiest way to get your lawn to grow and look as lush as possible is to keep it hydrated without overdoing it.

Having issues with my own lawn, I found that watering was the major thing that helped create a green, thick lawn. The following will offer some lawn watering tips which are easy to complete and will supply excellent results.

Make Sure Your Lawn Receives At Least 1 Inch of Water Every Week

Lawn watering tips #1 - The magic number for water amounts on lawns is 1 inch. It only takes 1 inch of water, either through rain or manual watering, in order for your lawn to grow and prosper.

Some live in areas where the rain is plentiful and don't have to worry about watering the lawn on their own. On the other hand, for those who live in drier climates, watering the lawn is a necessity otherwise it will become brittle, dry and show patches of dead grass throughout…especially during hot, dry summers.

In order to measure how much water your sprinkler system puts out, simply put a couple of cans in different areas around the yard and then measure the amounts in the cans after the watering is complete. This will tell you if the 1 inch measurement has been reached.

Lawn Watering for New Grass Seed

When you have new grass seed (either as a new lawn or over seeding), water is even more important. The crucial time is the first two to four weeks. There are special tips for this type of lawn watering. New grass seed needs a good amount of water in order to grow properly. Therefore you want to water the new grass more than the regular lawn.

  • Some say this type of grass needs to be watered a few times a day so that the seeds are kept moist 24/7.
  • However, I have found that a good watering once a day for 45 minutes to one hour does the trick.
  • If the seeds are not moist, they won't grow which will lead to a waste of time and money planting the new grass seed.

Water Evenly Throughout the Lawn

When watering your lawn, be sure the sprinkler reaches all areas. Some homeowners make the grave mistake of watering only certain areas of the yard in which the other locations see a decline in growth and show dry spots. If you use a manual sprinkler, make sure that you move it around the yard on a continual basis and give each area its turn at receiving water.

Be Respectful of Water Restrictions

And finally, one of the last watering tips...It is important to water your lawn as much as possible but it is even more important to be mindful of any water restrictions that may exist. Certain areas experiencing droughts will have water restrictions in place at times. Be sure to still water the lawn when you are able to but always be respectful of water restrictions as these are necessary for the good of the community.

Watering your lawn does not have to take a lot of time and doing so will pay off in the end by producing a green, vibrant lawn that will enhance your entire landscape.

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