Lawn slopes towards house

The question: Will drainage pipes near my house still cause foundation problems?

Our lawn slopes towards our house, which has a 1.5 metre brick paved border around it.When it rains heavily, excess water drains into a drain on the brick paving. Will the slope cause any long-term problems with the foundations?


It depends on what type of drain you have, where exactly it is located, and if it is functioning properly. If the drain was installed correctly, is pitched right, and has an acceptable place for the water in the drain to exit, then there should be no long term problems.

Many drainage problems such as your are solved this way. The only way to correct lawn that slopes towards the house (other than re-grading), is to use a drain. In your situation, with paving along the perimeter of your home, there would be two types of drains.

1. French Drain
This would be a perforated pipe that is installed along the foundation of your house. The pipe has holes in it where water can enter, and it is placed beneath loose stone.

2. Trench Drain
A trench drain can also be used along your house, but it is better if it is placed along the outer perimeter of your brick paved border. This type of drain is narrower than a french drain, but the slats are at the top where you see them.

Water easily enters each of these types of drainage pipes.

Both of these types of pipes will need to be pitched correctly and lead to an exit area, such as woods, lower elevation of the property (where you can make a rain garden, a sewer (if allowed by your township), and lastly a dry well.

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