Landscaping for front porch

by Jeff
(Upstate New York)

Front Porch Landscape Design

Front Porch Landscape Design

I recently added a front porch to my center hall colonial and I'm looking for landscaping ideas. I would like to incorporate several different colors and blooming times as well as avoid too many plants that exceed 26" as that would hide the railings. Since the sun rises from the back of the house this area gets very little, if any, sun. I was thinking of placing either a weeping cherry or chinese maple in the right corner and maybe lining the top of the wall with either boxwoods or bayberries. I was also considering a small waterfall fountain to the left of the walkway. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi Jeff,
You might be better of with a Dogwood which will take more shade than a Weeping Cherry. I am not familiar with the Chines Maple, but if it's similar to the Japanese Maple (Palmatum), that will take some shade.

I would prefer something softer on top of the wall with more of a spreading habit. Boxwoods are nice but very erect. Perhaps one English Spreading Yew (one of my favorite plants) along with some Cotoneaster might look nice.

Boxwood 'Green Velvet' would look nice along the front of the porch. They get to be about 30" high. They would provide a nice background for colorful perennials. For shade, consider Hosta and Liriope as examples. Btw, if you get at least 4 hours sun, many sun plants will do well there.

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Don't be afraid to add a tall plant or two and/or some additional trees. They won't block the railing completely and they will provide a sense of scale. A Lilac would look nice.

I like the idea of a fountain to the left of the walk. Water in a garden is enchanting no matter where it is!

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