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Typically , how much does a comprehensive landscape architectures plan cost. We recently purchased new construction home and need a design for driveway, front yard and foundation landscaping, walkway design, backyard design incorporating pool, patios, outdoor kitchen and fireplace. Do most designers use fixed fee or hourly rates? If landscape project management is incorporated to oversee plan implementation - is that fixed fee or hourly basis as well. Just want to generally understand cost to build out phased plan. Thanks


I can't speak for other landscape designers, only for my own services. Landscape design plan costs are typically determined by how long I feel it will take for me to complete a design. Designs are different, not only because they have different landscape elements in them but also because details vary.

For example, a project that is on a flat piece of property will be less time consuming to do than one that is on a steep lot or where even minimal grading must be done. When you talk about a pool, the area must be flat yet graded away from the pool. If the pool location is on a slope, the area must be more intensely re-graded, with or without retaining walls.

Driveway designs can be simple or complex. You may want a driveway that just leads up to your garage, or you may want a courtyard, circular driveway, lots of extra parking etc.

walkways, again, is the area relatively flat, or will steps be required? If so, the number of steps has to be calculated correctly with the appropriate riser heights.

Outdoor kitchens can run the gamut! A kitchen area might be just a built in grill or it can be quite detailed with sitting areas, refrigerators, pizza ovens and so on.

The extent of plantings also will determine the design fee. Some clients jsut want to keep it simple, where others want extensive plantings, specialty gardens, etc.

So as you can see there are many things that go into a design and there are many ways to determine what the landscape design plan would cost. The above are just some examples of how the costs of designs can be very different.

I usually charge a flat rate for the design. This includes a design done in AutCAD and is very detailed. Plants are designated, a plant list is provided, everything is drawn to scale, notes are included, ets. As far as project management goes, that also depends on the scope of the project. It might be a percentage of the project costs or it might be an hourly fee.

If you would like to get more of an idea of what a landscape design for your project would cost, just contact me and I'd be happy to be more specific once I learn a little bit more about your property, etc.

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