Garden Pergola | Paint Color Fro Garden Pergola Designs

by Steve Babela
(Niagara Region,Ontario)

Garden Pergola Design and Hot Tub

Garden Pergola Design and Hot Tub

Hi Susan......Probably over a year ago I asked for your help in regards to hot tub placement ideas....well proud to say that the job is now complete with a beautiful garden pergola design built over it(by moi)....Question I have is what color ideas would you recommend that we stain the pergola??? My wife and I were thinking a chocolate brown stain...but we're not too sure....could use another input and someone who isn't close to agree so easily....Thanks for your help

Hi Steve,
Congratulations. It looks great and glad I was able to be of help.

Your garden pergola looks very, very nice. As far as the stain color goes, I can see a brown color, but perhaps with some red in it so that it would tie in to the brick on your house. Get some stain samples and bring them home. Take a look at them both against the pergola and also up against the house. The pergola stain color does not have to be a dead ringer...just a nice blend. Tend more towards the brown rather than the red.

There is a lot that can be done with garden pergola designs. Since yours now is adjacent to your outdoor patio, you might consider creating a planting bed around it to hug it in, making the hot tub cozier, and integrating it with the patio.

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May 26, 2010
Garden Pergola | Paint Color Fro Garden Pergola Designs
by: Steve

Thanks Susan...we were actually thinking of extending the patio area to the right side of the pergola on the pic and adding 2 6x6 posts with a privacy panel closest to the house facing the neighbours yard for that privacy....just not sure how to tie in a wooden deck around the hot tub or do we go with patio pavers out to the that section.If we do go with would only be off the ground about 3-4 inches...the wooden frame around the tub is there just to hold back the earth and stone,so it does heave in winter thaw.I wouldnt tie the deck to those maybe just rest it top of the pavers just underneath the hot tub (floating deck) and go around to the other side and incorporate and bar area on the opposite side up next to the tub...any ideas on what to do on that right side would be great

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