garage back out area - backout driveway ideas

Could you please define this term for me...people keep taking about it but I have not idea what it means.


A garage back out area is the area for the car to back out of the garage. By using this, there is enough space for the car to back out of the garage and then pull forward so that one does not have to back out all the way to the street.

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Imagine a garage on the side of the house, with a minimal amount of driveway to get into the garage. There is no place for the car to back out, turn the wheels and then pull forward. However, if the area is a long enough distance, you can do this.

Sometimes, there is an extra area created just for a back out. It can also double as additional parking. A driveway with a garage in the front of the house may have an extra section of driveway to the left or right of the drive. If the garage is at the side of the house, this extra space may be angled towards the far corner of the extension. There are many ways to create other types of spaces for backing out.

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