Front Yard Plantings

by Lindsey
(Central Mississippi)

front yard view

front yard view

I have uploaded a picture of my front yard and desperately need front yard plantings! I am unsure of where to begin. I hate that I have no color in my yard. I live in Mississippi so I will need flowers that can take the humid heat here. I am also on a very small budget. The beds are completely matching on both sides. However, you probably can't tell because the right side has much smaller growth. A neighbor said it could possibly be due to the large oak tree in my yard right in front of these beds providing more shade. I would love to give this space some color and look more attractive this month, but have no idea what to do. Help!



Hi Linsey,

Thanks for the picture. It's always helpful for me to see just what a property looks like, although I can't quite make out the smaller shrubs.

The first thing I would do is remove those two huge shrubs to the right and left of your door. They are much too large for that space and they are also shaped in a very unnatural way. Once you have done this, you can add some smaller shrubs, either similar or the same as the others.

Basically, you can keep low, evergreen shrubs up against your house and add perennials in front. You might start over if budget permits. If not, work with what you have in the background. For more detailed, professional help with designing your front foundation planting, take a look at my ebook Designing With Evergeen Shrubs. There's even a sample page!It also shows you how to mix evergreen shrubs with perennials.

It will be best if you use drought resistant perennials. Take a look at my page on Perennial Flowers.
Here are some that are drought resistant:
Butterfly Bush

When selecting your perennials, try to choose ones that flower at different times of the year. Plant in groups of three or more of a kind for greater impact. Vary the heights. Also, add a larger perennial in a few places, such as the Butterfly Bush. For your shadier areas, you can plant some Hydrangea.


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