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Here is a question about adding a front yard patio in conjunction with a walkway design.

We are having our front steps and sidewalk redone. My daughter had an idea to add a concrete patio directly under my bow window and remove flower bed. Maybe put in a chair it two. Now I don't want to do anything that should I want to sell someday will be a negative.
If u need more info please let me know.

Susan Says

This is actually a nice idea if it is done right.

1. I would not make the patio too large. Make sure it is in scale with your house. Decide ahead of time what you want to use it for...dining (most likely just a small table would look best, possibly 30 to 36" in diameter, lounge chairs, just a couple of sitting chairs, a bench, etc. Then make sure it will fit!

(I haven't seen the space so it is hard to advise).

2. Even though you mentioned removing the flower bed, you still need something at the back of the patio near the house. This can be a very narrow bed or it can even be some long planters with tall plants, a few plant stands, dramatic urns or anything else that will provide height and softness.

3. You might consider outlining the patio with some pretty brick, bluestone or pavers. This is not necessary but an added touch to make a front yard patio stand out from the walkway. It would not be that costly. You could also color the concrete to make it more interesting and also score it into a geometric design.

See the picture on this page under Concrete.

Concrete Patio

4. You could also consider adding a small birdbath or fountain to it so that it becomes even more important. This would make it even more enjoyable...water is so peaceful, especially moving water. You can even get one that runs on solar energy.

5. If you are ok with the added cost, a seat wall might look great. It can be just at the back, two sided, or have three sides.

A seat wall can be used for a front yard patio.

This seatwall shows what one can look like with a patio. Although it is much larger than what you would do, you can still get the idea.

Seat Wall

These were just some ideas to think about. Tell your daughter I really like the idea!

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