Foundation Planting Design for Tudor House

by Doris Evans
(Muncie, IN)

old house picture - foundation planting design

old house picture - foundation planting design

This is an old house built in 1917. I am trying to get ideas for landscaping the front yard. We have added a new sidewalk since this picture. The sidewalk is quite attractive 5 ft wide and a new porch of concrete with wide circle step instead of the steps we had.

I thought some boxwood velvet plants would be alright along the garage part and under the big picture window.
I wanted to plant rosy glow barberry shrub on each side of the porch. What suggestions do you have for me. I am reading all of your ideas, but it is hard for me to imagine. I need help!!!!


Hi Doris,
I like a lot of your ideas for a foundation planting design. Boxwood 'Green Velvet" is a favorite of mine, particularly when used as foundation plants. I also like Red Barberry 'Rosey Glow'.

That's a great start. However, you need to make it more interesting. I would add another layer of plants in front of the Boxwood. These can be low maintenance plants, but I would prefer perennials. This would provide lots of color and textures. Plant them in groups, changing the textures and colors for each.

I'd also like to see some height to frame the house and make it inviting. It's a pretty house and with some enhancements it will be even more attractive. I would add a tree at each corner. I would also add a tall shrub on the right ide of the walk such as a Lilac. Now you have a group of three taller plants which will look great.

If you have further questions, please let me know.
I have some new pages on perennials that you might find helpful. Perennial Flowers
Also, take a look at my ebook on Designing With Evergreen Shrubs

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