Foundation Drainange | Landscaping Against House

by Carmen
(Saskatchewan, Canada)

Here's a question about foundation drainage against the house and how to prevent water getting into a basement.

Our house is built in very sandy soil..There was a 10 foot wide perennial bed against the house on the south side when we purchased the home... I soon discovered that watering that bed is not an option as the water seems to run straight into the basement..My husband says due to the sandy soil surrounding the house...There is about 6 inches of better soil on top...
Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do with this? Regular watering is just not an option...Even when I moved all the plants out to no closer than 3 feet to the house and sloped the top away from the house regular watering still caused seepage into the basement...There is only about 2 and a half feet of basement above the ground...It is a concrete basement.


Hi Carmen,

I would say you have three options to help sove your yard drainage problem.

1. Replace the sandy soil with one that is not as permeable. Clay soil is the opposite of sandy soil, but you need a good mix for plants so that the water seeps down to their roots.

2. Use very drought tolerant plants. Then you will not have to water often. Here are some to consider: Sedum (both the low varieties and the taller 'Autumn Joy'), Juniper, Thyme, Catmint, Bearberry (hard to find).

3. Install perforated pvc piping along the perimeter of your house. The water will collect in the pipe. Pitch the pipe at a 2% slope and lead that water by various means. One way is
connecting to a solid pvc pipe, leading the water away to an acceptable area. This might be to the end of your property in a wooded area or a seepage pit.

4. Install a sump pump in your basement. This is the most costly remedy though. In this way, you can just allow water into your basement, it collects and gets pumped out.


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