Decorative Garden Bridge and Designs

A decorative garden bridge is something that might look great in your landscape design. Garden bridges make a wonderful focal point along with being functional. Some are very attractive and welcoming.

So...where can you use a garden bridge?

Using A Japanese Garden Bridge

A decorative garden bridge is nice in the landscape.
  • If you have a pond and it narrows at a particular area, this would be a perfect place. It would also provide access across the pond without forcing people to walk all the way around the water feature.
  • If you have a stream on your property, whether it be added or natural, a bridge is very practical. I remember a stream at a friend's house I used to go to. The stream was extremely long and there was a bridge. Actually, this stream was so long, he could have use two bridges!
  • Some landscapes incorporate a dry stream. This is where decorative stone is placed in the formation of a stream. It can be a nice landscape element, but even more important, it can serve as a drainage solution to areas that are wet at times. A dry stream can be designed with many naturalistic plants on both sides to add color, textures and interest. A bridge going across can fit in perfectly as access to either side.

Garden Bridge Designs

Many bridges are made of wood. Wooden garden bridges Garden bridges can be wood.often have railings for both safety and to enhance the look. An arched garden bridge is very common. It may be wide enough for one person to walk along...about three feet wide, or it can also be wider so that two people can walk side by side. In this case the bridge should be at least four feet in width. Choose a durable wood that weathers nicely over time. Visit my page types of wood to learn more about various woods. Rustic Garden Furniture (above photo)

Stone Garden Bridge Design

A more unusual type of bridge is a stone bridge. You can get a beautiful A garden bridge can be bluestone.bluestone slab about three feet wide to bridge a narrow opening. By using it with lots of boulders and plants, a very naturalistic look can be created. You can also have a decorative garden bridge customized with interesting wood, such as the beautiful Brazilian woods. Since they are not that large, this would not be too expensive. Photo courtesy of Scott's Aquatic Creations

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