Curved Brick Walkway

by Bill
(Newtown CT)

Hello, I am interested in using dry laid bricks in a walkway around my house. This walkway will be curved around my front garden bed, connecting my straight edged driveway to my curved front porch. I love herring bone design, but am interested in a design that will cause me to have to cut less bricks. Most of the walkway is straight, then curving fairly steeply to my porch at the end as the garden bed is large.

Any thoughts on an approach? If i use a soldier border, do i have to cut each soldier on the curve, or do i just fill the gaps with polymeric sand as part of the charm?

p.s. Beautiful designs :)


Hi Bill,
I believe that if you use bricks in a running bond pattern on a curved brick walkway, there will be less cutting to do. In addition, if you lay the soldier course horizontally (to the walkway field) rather than vertically, again...less cuts.

I think it's easier explained in a picture. I came across this photo of a brick walkway exemplifying what I am talking about and thought it might be helpful. I found it at

I'm not an installer, but it appears that you would just follow your curve with the bricks and fill with the sand or polymeric sand as need be. You often see this type of pattern on curved walkways and cuts seem to be minimal, if at all.

If you love the herringbone design, here's a thought. When you begin the straight part of your walk, do the herringbone for about 3 to 4 feet and then switch to the running bond for the main brick walkway section. When you reach the porch, repeat the same herringbone design. Just an idea, but a walkway of all running bond is very, very nice too, and can also have an old fashioned look to it.

Btw, thanks for the compliment on my landscape designs!

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