Church needs street view facelift

by George Qualley
(Washington, Indiana USA)

Street view of sanctuary with cross

Street view of sanctuary with cross

Dear Susan,

We would appreciate your suggestions for a street view face life for our church. The large fir tree has died and will be removed in a month. This permits us to update our street view. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is located on a busy state highway upon a grassy hill. The sanctuary is setback approximately 85 feet from the highway. The fellowship hall is setback approximately 100 from the highway.

I have attached three photographs which show the front of the sanctuary with the cross, and two views of fellowship hall. The cross is located 63 1/2 inches above ground level. The windows on the sanctuary are located 31 inches above ground level. The windows on the fellowship hall are located 36 inches above ground level. We would wrap your design around the end of fellowship hall which consists of a brick facade with no windows.

I have also attached a building sketch with measurements for your review. What type of landscape plan would you suggest for our church? We are located in Washington, Indiana 47501. Our volunteer gardeners would appreciate low maintenance plantings.

Thanking you in advance for all your assistance.


Rev. George R. Qualley, Pastor
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Washington, Indiana 47501


The Church landscape would benefit from some height in certain areas to help frame the Church and also break up the linear
look of the windows in the fellowship hall area.

Along the street view where the cross is located, I would use one variety of shrubs at the area where the building protrudes and the cross is. One either side, where the building recedes, I would use one other type of shrub. My preference would be evergreen shrubs and I would stagger them, creating a curvilinear bed. In front of these plants, I would add perennials and/or shrubs such as roses or lilacs for some nice color.

At the corners I would place either narrow evergreen trees, ornamental trees or a group of three tall shrubs.

The fellowship area is a little bit more tricky since it is so linear...but it can still be pretty and creative. Groups of shrubs of various textures and possibly heights would work. Once again I would add perennials as an additional layer. A mixture of evergreen shrubs and perennials work well because the evergreens provide greenery during the winter, while the perennials add spring, summer and fall color.

Here and there a tall shrub can be included for some height to the plantings since most will not be taller than the window sills. Trees out in the lawn could be an option also to complete the design.

I could not read your measurements as the image was very, very light.

I will send you an email.

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