Bluestone Walkway Concrete or Dry Laid

by monica haskin

My question is about dry laid and wet laid bluestone walkways.

We are getting estimates and have been told that having cement under the bluestone will prevent stones from shifting. Is this true? Thanks.

Yes, but if the dry laid bluestones are set properly, they should not shift.

Above is a picture of a drylaid bluestone walk.
Please take a look at my page about Bluestone Patios.

Concrete joints can crack from freeze thaw conditions, especially in New York. You can repair the cracks, but it will never look the same because the new concrete rarely matches the old.

Dry laid stone is also much less expensive. Just as a note, I hardly ever specify bluestone to be set in concrete due to the above reasons.


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Bluestone Paving in Concrete and Dry Laid
by: Susan

Just as a follow up, you might like to take a look at some bluestone pictures I posted showing both methods of bluestone installations.

You can also see the geometric shapes and the free form shapes.

Bluestone Walkway Pictures

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