Bluestone Patio Filler In Joints | Sand and Polymeric Sand

by Rob
(Nantucket ,mass, USA)

This is a question regarding bluestone patio filler in joints and what to use other than sand. I recommend polymeric sand.

I have customer with a previously installed bluestone patio that just has sand underneath it. The problem is it has ants living under it and its surrounding a pool. The ants, wind, rain, and everything else drag sand into the pool.They were wondering what we should fill the cracks in between the stone with that we wouldn't have to pull up the patio. Thank You


You can use polymeric sand. You would apply it like you would sand in the joints. Once it is applied, it gets sprayed with water and then hardens. It is rather like a cross between sand and concrete joints.

You have to make sure the pitch of the hardscape is correct. The polymeric sand really doesn't allow for seeping of water below, so the water has to drain off the patio correctly. This product can be used for bluestone, travertine, etc. and is very popular.

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