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A question about courtyard design and ideas regarding hardscape materials.

I want to turn my backyard into a courtyard. I have the really old red type of brick walls, what stone would you recommend for the patio area, the steps and the walled raised beds. I live in a terraced house and I want the courtyard in keeping with the old style.


A backyard courtyard sound like a charming idea.

You didn't mention what the siding is on your house, but bluestone looks great with brick in a courtyard design. If you can get the same brick (or very, very close) that was used for the brick wall, this would be an option too.

Bluestone and Brick
Use patterned bluestone for the patio. This can be dry laid will be less costly.
Bluestone Patios

Steps can be bluestone treads with brick risers. The treads can be one solid piece or made of sections of bluestone (less expensive).
Bluestone Steps

Walls can be made of brick and have bluestone caps. If you make the walls 18" to 24" high, they can be seat walls. Here's a pond wall made that way.
Water Features

If you cannot find brick that is the same or very similar to your existing brick, consider the following.

Bluestone and Natural Stone
Bluestone patio. This would be the same as above.
Bluestone steps with stone risers.
Stone wall with bluestone cap.
Wall stone and stone used for the risers would be the same or similar.

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