Water Creating Flooding at Garage/Carport From Hill

by Donna

My back yard has a hill, and the water runs down to my carport making a muddy mess every time it rains. What can I do to fix the problem? I've put bricks down up against the wall of the carport, but it goes underneath it. What can I do? Thank you...Donna

Hi Donna,
My name is Susan and I am the owner and writer of Landscape Design Advice. I am also a landscape designer.

I understand your problem. I'll give you some general help below, but you also might want to take a look at my page on landscape grading.

You will have to take your water away from your carport and this can be done in various ways. The best way would depend on the details of your particular property.

It can be done by grading the land away from the building and then creating a swale. A swale is like a stream in lawn, except that it is all lawn. The swale leads the water to a lower area of yourproperty (if this is possible).

Another way would be to install a perforated pipe near the carport. This solution allows the water to enter the pipe and then it is led away.

In both of these options, you need to have an acceptable lower area of the property for the water to go to. If you do not, a dry well is an option. This a large area where the water goes to, into the ground, and then percolates out.

There are other ways to solve the problem also. Without seeing photos or have specifics it 's difficult to give you the perfect solution, but there is always an answer!

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