Travertine Tiles and White Substance on Pool Decking - Efflorescence

by Nancy

I had Travertine pool decking installed around my pool last year.

It was not sealed since I was trying to find someone to fix grouting issues from it being installed. I have noticed that there is a powdery white substance forming on the tile from the edge of the pool to about 10 feet away. Can the chlorine from the pool etch the stone, and if so, how can this be fixed. It does not wipe or scrub off.
Thank you


Hi Nancy,
I think what you might be experiencing is efflorescence and not coming from the chlorine. It is common in hardscape applications where the material is set in concrete. It actually comes from salts in the concrete.

Sometimes this goes away on its own. However, there are various recommendations for efflorescence removal such as diluted muriatic acid and actual efflorescence treatments. I am not familiar with these possible solutions as remedies. I have just read about them.

You might consider trying one of them on a very small inconspicuous area of the travertine tiles to judge the effectiveness and any other effects. If you do a search online for efflorescence, you'll get a lot of information and possible solutions.

I hope this was helpful.

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