Travertine pavers on a pool patio

by Manuela
(Orlando, Florida)

I read most of your Questions and Answers on your site, but am still a bit confused about what material to use to fill the joints between our newly laid travertine stones around our pool area (the pool is enclosed by a glass room, so technically indoors - but we want to be able to hose down the patio occasionally).

I read your suggestion of polymeric sand, but after researching on how to apply, it says we have to wash out all the existing sand in the cracks and re-apply the polymeric sand. Also, I'm afraid of it accidentally setting on the stone and then it will be hard to clean off.
Now I'm thinking I should probably just use regular sand and then seal it with DuPont Heavy Duty Sealer (we already bought this). But what kind of sand is best? The spaces between our pavers are very narrow (less than 1/4"). And it being indoors, I don't think that weeds will be much of a problem. But we do have some little ant hills right now coming out in some of the spots. I'm hoping the sealer will eliminate this problem.
Thanks for your help.


Hi Manuela,

I'm a bit confused. You say that your room is surrounded by glass. Where does the water go if you were to hose down the travertine? Are there drains leading the water outside of the room? Please let me know and I'll try to give you some suggestions.


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Travertine Grout Around an Indoor Pool
by: Susan

I think you are better off with the polymeric sand. As you mentioned, washing it with a mop and bucket will disturb the loose sand. The polymeric sand will harden and make cleaning easier. However, the travertine must be pitched properly so that any water that gets onto it from the pool will have a place to drain. I hope this area is not perfectly should pitch away from the pool. You also have the option of putting in a drain.

A sealer only enhances the color and provides some protection against staining. It really doesn't "seal up" the sand. However, you can seal after you have applied the polymeric sand.

I hope this was helpful.

Travertine pavers on a pool patio
by: Manuela

There are two patio doors and the water can be washed out through there. But I will mainly be using a bucket and mop to clean the pool area I think. I just don't want the sand coming out of the cracks every time I do that. Plus the stone will be protected from stains if we seal it, right? Sorry if I haven't explained it very well. I'm from German. Hope my accent isn't to difficult to understand :)

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