Tar and Chip

by Charlie - CD Paving and and Seal Coating
(Texas, N. Dakota, Montana)

Charlie here from CD PAVING & SEAL COATING.

Some folks don't know what tar and chip seal is all about and I'd like to explain. So here it goes...

Tar and chip seal is a less expensive pavement than black top or concrete, which can be applied to a base surface or an older black top surface. It is a layer of a hot liquified asphalt tar, followed by a layer of small gravel, then rolled to compaction.

The pros and cons of it are as follows:


  • stays clean

  • won't wash out

  • it is maintenance free

  • will last 10 to 15 years

  • stays cool in summer

  • it has beautiful curb appeal

  • you can drive much heavier loads on it because it won't crack


  • difficult to find a paving contractor who dos it

  • at first you can't roller skate on it! (takes time to harden)

Other than that,that's about it The best time to do a tar and chip driveway is when it is above 40 degrees. It can be done if the ground is somewhat wet because we prime the ground with water any way before we chip seal them. A good idea, if possible, is to get it done when a tar and chip crew is working in your area which might save you some money. It may be a long wile be for a tar and chip crew is in that area again.


The normal price per square foot (depending on where you live) is around $1.50. If you need some extra info or want to see some photos go to www.cdpaving.net

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