Swimming Pool Decking and Choosing Paving Materials

by Tony
(Malvern, PA)

Here's a question about swimming pool decking and what choices there are when choosing paving materials.

I have a very nice wet laid blue stone rectangular patio off my small home ( a cape cod). I am getting a small formal rectangular pool ( 26 x 12 ). two sides the coping will butt up against the lawn. The other two sides I need hardscaping that will transition off the existing wet laid blue stone patio. I have already had some "popping" issues with the wet laid I have existing. I am thinking blue stone for around the pool and estimate it will be about 290 sq. feet of swimming pool decking. So I know blue stone will be expensive. I am wondering what other paving materials might transition well from the existing patio and look nice around the pool. I am thinking of dry laying blue stone to avoid the cracking and expense of wet laying but that is still very expensive.. Any other ideas? Thanks, Tony


Hi Tony,
You have a couple of options for swimming pool decking. I'd like to mention, although you may already realize this, that bluestone is a very hot paving material on the feet. Some people don't care about this while others prefer a hardscape material that is cooler around a pool area.

1. You can easily do the dry laid bluestone for the pool decking. This should definitely be less expensive than the wet laid application. See my page on paving costs.

2. I am not sure what the siding on your house is, but you might also consider pavers. These are less expensive than dry laid bluestone. They have some that are in the gray tones and resemble stone. Some are blends of colors, ie. different grays, grays and browns, etc. If your bluestone is "all blue" it should be easy to find a paver that looks good with it. If it is "full range" (various colors), you'll have to be a bit more particular to find the right ones that look good with your existing bluestone.

3. Travertine pavers are another option. These are very cool on the feet and beautiful and dry laid. They would looknice with bluestone...but again, the same color decisions apply as mentioned regarding the pavers. Solid blues in your existing bluestone will be easier to work with. Travertine is one of my favorites, but you'll have to see how it looks with your house, as it has an elegant look to it. So if your home is more casual or rustic, probably the pavers or bluestone would be more appropriate.

4. You can always do colored concrete! This will be the least expensive.

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