Swimming Pool Coping and Pool Tiles - Should They Match

by Dave
(Riverside, CA USA)

This is a question about pool coping and pool tiles, particularly when other materials are being used.

I am using cream colored travertine like tiles in my rectangular spa. Additionally, I'm doing a combination planter/sitting wall which will border the backyard/spa area. The spa coping will be a honed/filled travertine. The planter wall will be a carmel brown stucco to match the house capped with the travertine pool coping.

A built-in bbq in the same stucco will be finished with the pool tiles with a backsplash and a pool coping bar stool ledge. My question is, should the pool coping contrast with the pool tile or match the pool tile? The noche coping (carmel) will blend with the sitting wall and contrast with the pool tile. The torreon (vanilla) will contrast with the sitting wall and blend with the pool tiles.

EEK! So many materials! If I understand everything correctly you have the following materials which all differ:

1. Honed, filled travertine (spa coping)
2. Cream colored tiles (spa facing)
3. Travertine pool coping on planter
4. Stucco facing on planter an BBQ (nice relief)
5. Pool tiles on BBQ

I am unclear when you mention the vanilla...not sure what material that is or where it is.

To answer your question, typically I like the pool coping and the pool tiles to contrast. However, in your case, you have already used these materials elsewhere. Therefore rather than adding another materials for the pool tiles. I would repeat the ones you have used.

In other words, Use the same travertine pool coping that you have on the planter for the pool coping, and use the same pool tiles that you have on the BBQ for the actual pool tiles. The only way I would change this if perhaps they don't go as well together as you would like. In that case, use the same pool coping but find a pool tile to match the pool coping.

As I am writing this, it seems you are using a different pool coping?

Got it? Do I?!! If I missed something or misunderstood, let me know. Also, if you have any photos, that would be great. Just post a new question with the photos and I will integrate them with this Q&A. Or contact me via my contact form.

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