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by Eddie Johnson
(Hayden, ID, USA)

My wife and I have recently purchased a townhouse in a wonderful neighborhood. We are very much outdoor people almost all year round and almost passed on our current home because it didn't have a private back yard. I did convince my wife that she would love it once we were there. Well, I was wrong. The patio we have is an okay size but there is a very large support pole in a very awkward spot that is preventing us from creating a functional setting outside (table, chairs, BBQ, etc). The photos show the patio as it was when we moved in two years ago. We have since had a baby girl and have added a small 3' fence around the perimeter for seclusion and safety for her to be able to play outside. Any suggestions you may have would be wonderfully appreciated.


Hi Eddie,
You might consider extending your patio. You can add a wide perimeter of pavers which can be dry laid. To make it attractive, add the pavers along the outer two edges for as far as you think you need them. You could also add them only about 2/3 of the way along each edge, so it is not the entire length.

Measure the size table you have (or want) and then place it near the post with at least 3 to 4 feet beyond it all around for comfort and access.Lounges are about 6 feet long so you will need about 10 feet in length for them, or a bit less.

The part of the patio beneath the porch is not very functional for usage, but you could place planters and a bench to make it a bit more inviting.

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