Small Yard Deck or Pavers

by Dee
(Katy, TX)

Back Yard

Back Yard

For a small yard, should I add a deck or pavers?

I am not quite sure what to do with this space now, after hurricane damage resulted in some lost landscaping. I am wanting to tear out this deck which I no longer care for and possibly just replace it with grass from the deck to the end of the fence. To the right of the deck in the picture is a 10x10 concrete patio near the back door.

It would require lesser maintenance but also I would like it to be an inviting space. Would you recommend I place pavers instead? Being in Texas, it gets very hot and feel that this option would make it that much hotter. Not sure which would be the better option. Perhaps you can shed some insight into what other options there might be. Appreciate any input you can give. Thank you!

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Deck, Pavers, or Lawn
by: Susan

Hi Dee,
Thanks for submitting the picture.

First of all, if you don't like the deck, I would remove it. There is no sense keeping something you are not happy with.

It's difficult to see the concrete area in the photo, but I am wondering if that is a large enough area for sitting/dining. Also, is that an area you like sitting in? Lawn...would you be happy pulling some chairs onto the lawn if you need extra room?

Pavers do get hot. However, you could add a paver patio and also a nice large shade tree. You could also add a pergola, although this get costly. Perhaps a small gazebo?

Another option is to use travertine pavers, which are cool to the touch. Well, they aren't actually "cool", but cool enough to walk on. Maybe a tree with this paving material?

Shade trees in the lawn, without paving could work too. I could picture a couple of lounge chairs under the trees. You could also use a few smaller trees instead of one large tree.

I hope some of these ideas might work for you.


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