Pyrus calleryana 'Aristocrat' / Zelkova serrata 'Village Green'

(San Jose, Ca)

I purchased these two trees and I think I may have made a mistake on what I wanted. I have a small front yard with a beautiful view of the east foothill mountains, but we need some shade to block the direct sun into our home. Which of these trees, if any, would you recommend?

Thank you.

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Shade Trees
by: Susan

Hi Vern,

It depends on how wide your expanse of view is. I like them both and either will provide shade, although you will get a bit more from the Zelkova.

I mention your expanse of view because each tree has a different branching habit.

The Pear gets to be 25' to 40' H x 25' to 30' W.
The Zelkova will be 50' to 75' H x 35' to 50' W.

The Zelkova will provide some more shade. One of the main differences between the two trees is that the Zelkova is vase shaped while the Pear is more oval with its branching starting much lower to the ground.

So in actuality, the Pear will block the view more from the ground level, while the Zelkova, especially as it ages, will allow you to see the view from the ground. Picture standing on your property near the tree and only seeing the trunk of a tree.

Yet the Zelkova is wider at the top, and potentially will block the view a bit more....depending on your panorama.

Perhaps if you locate whichever one you choose towards the side of your property, it will help with the view and yet still provide the shade you are looking for.

Without seeing a picture or having other information, it's difficult to advise properly, but I hope this information will help you with your decision. If you'd like to add a comment to this with a picture, I'll take a look.


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