Porch Swing Cushions Add New Life To Your Porch Swing

by Jay Chua

Here's some great information on porch swing cushions.

A porch swing is an integral part of your home's aesthetic appeal. The front porch is your greeting area, and where all the first impressions of your home are formed. More importantly though is the importance of how YOU perceive this area, as it is your safe haven and relaxation zone. The hard wood isn't quite as comfortable as it could be, and the comfort could easily be improved by selecting the proper cushion.

When you choose the right porch swing cushion, your swing comfort reaches another level. But, it's important to remember that comfort doesn't just involve how it feels when you sit on it. Comfort stretches to encompass the physical appearance, as well as the ease of maintaining the cushion and its' appeal.

So, as the search for the perfect porch swing cushion to meet your needs goes on, there are a few different materials that may interest you, and ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. Because there are so many materials to choose from, let's look at a few in a bit more detail.

1) Textiline Vinyl

If your swing is exposed to rain or moisture on a consistent basis, Textiline Vinyl features an open weave which ensures quick drainage of water. Further, the mesh design facilitates evaporation.

2) Shade Vinyl

When it comes to porch swing cushions, this may not be the best bet as a fabric, but it isn't without its advantages. Similar to its Textiline counterpart, the PVC polyester coat offers durability with a tighter weave design.

3) Olefin

This particular fabric is great for avoiding snags, stains, and mildew, without sacrificing comfort. Olefin is soft and a common choice for those looking for great porch swing cushions.

4) Acrylic
Another great combination fabric is Acrylic which is great for inclement weather, and is known as a soft, stain resistant option.

5) Polyester

If you're looking for a soft, flexible fabric, this is a good consideration. But, when deciding on Polyester, be sure to choose cushions with patterns woven into the fabric, in lieu of those with printed patterns.

6) Spun Polyester

Imagine all the benefits of cotton without the hassle. Spun polyester has the feel and appearance of cotton, absorbs water, and is very durable. In addition to these benefits, it won't lint, snag, fade or shrink.

As important as the fabric, choosing the right color and pattern can also affect the comfort of your porch swing. Consider the season, and select patterns and colors that will compliment the scenery. For example, in the summer, bright pastels work well, as do deeper hues like orange and brown in the fall. All of these considerations can
affect the appearance and personality of your front porch.
So, as we continue to shape your relaxation area to your liking and comfort level, take into account how much room you have for your swing, and select one accordingly. Now that we have materials covered, there is another aspect that you should consider: the overall makeup and appearance of the cushions themselves.

Keep these things in mind as you are searching for the right cushions for your porch swing:

  • Fabric Is Everything

Your swing will likely be exposed to the elements throughout its lifetime. Choosing a weather resistant fabric will ensure that your cushions look and feel their best year-round. Sure, you can bring your cushions in every time inclement weather springs up, but it's far easier to simply choose a mildew and weather resistant fabric.

  • Appearance Is Important

To make your swing as inviting as possible, choose intriguing patterns or great solid color schemes for your cushions. You can change the cushions throughout the year, making your swing coordinated with the surrounding scenery or holiday decor.

  • Never Sacrifice Quality In The Stitching

When you choose porch swing cushions with quality stitching, you greatly reduce the chances of snags and tears. This will save you time and money on repairs and replacements.

  • Measure Your Swing, and then Do It Again

Be sure that you have exact measurements of your swing's length and width. Choose cushions that are a bit smaller than the actual swing itself, as this ensures that they will fit. Also, if you like variety, choose a single, large cushion, and supplement it with smaller cushions to place beside it. This will give your swing an interesting look.

  • Washable Cushions Prevent Replacement Cushions

When the cushion covers are washable, you won't need to purchase new cushions every time they get dirty or stained. If you have a large cushion, simply get one with a removable cover, so it will fit in the washing machine. This will save you money on replacement cushions on a regular basis.

We now have covered the benefits, drawback, and impotant points involving selecting the proper porch swing cushion for your relaxation needs. The bright pastel appeal will electrify your front porch in the summer time, and a dark, earthy hue will bring autumn right to your doorstep. Consider the tips we've elaborated on, and you'll never worry about the care or aesthetic appeal that your swing gives your home. Happy relaxing!

About the Author:

Jay Chua is the administrator of PorchSwingSets.com. His expertise is exhibited in regards to wicker porch swing design and a variety of other related fields. In addition to porch swing interests, Jay spends much of his time outdoors and is a gardening hobbyist.

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