Pool Stairs

by Ann

I am not sure where to place pool stairs.I am having the pool pipes replaced under our pool deck which is concrete. The deck will be replaced with stamped concrete. Our 4' deep rectangular pool is 24' x 14' & one choice is to add pool steps into the concrete deck.

I'm having trouble deciding if this will enhance the look or not. What kind of fee structure do you have to help me with this kind of question & how would you go about it. I suppose I would supply pictures with questions, is that correct? Thanks.

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Mar 22, 2009
More Pool Stairs and Steps
by: Susan

Hi Anne,
I was able to view the pictures.Thanks for sending them to me. They were great.
What a lovely home you have. Although it is on a small piece of property, I can see it has lots of character.

Here are my thoughts. When you stated that the pool people want to place the steps 1 to 2 feet from the corner, I am assuming you mean the corner closest to your door and table and chairs. Actually, that is a pretty good location. I like it because it is not too far from the door. If you placed them further away, it looks like you might view them through the gate, which wouldn't be my choice when you could put something else interesting there. For example, an urn with flowers would look nice as you look through the gate from the outside. You have one there now but you could use a much bigger one.

What would be ideal would be if the steps could be centered on your kitchen window. Architecturally, this would look nice. I can't quite tell from the pictures exact measurements, but you could measure it and see. If you go with 6 to 8' wide steps and they are centered on the window, they shouldn't extend too close to the pool corner.

I don't think a raise planting bed would work if you want to keep the tree. Any time you change the grade (soil level) near a tree you jeopardize its health. Soil levels should not be raised at all under the canopy of a tree.
However, I agree upon removing the Junipers and you could do a very pretty perennial garden for summer color with evergreen shrubs in the back for winter interest. You could have lots of colors and textures and various heights. Even though it's shady, something exciting could still be created.

Anyway, those are my suggestions. You might be able to take care of this yourself. If you would like me to draw it up for you and design it, I can. I would place the steps exactly. I understand this depends on piping location, but if they need to be adjusted once they do some exploring, I would do that for you. I would also design a planting design for the rear area where the Junipers are. I could address the rest of the plantings around the pool too. And then I would add anything else that might add to the design and creativity.

I would estimate for the entire design about 4 to 5 hours. I would need a survey from you or else some detailed measurements, which I could explain to you. Included would be my time transposing all the measurements onto a base map. In addition, all plants would be labeled on the drawing and I would also give you a complete, written plant list. The plant list has the common and botanical names, suggested planting sizes and quantities.

I've done s lot of designs this way, and everyone is always extremely pleased. In fact yesterday I received a note from someone I did a design for. He lives in Hong Kong but has a home in upstate New York. He wrote "Susan.....Thank you for all that you did to help beautify our little plot of paradise. We enjoyed working with you...Thanks."

Mar 22, 2009
Pool Steps
by: Ann

Hello Susan,

Thanks for the quick response. I will take some pictures and get back to you. I have one pic taken in spring -not for this purpose - that I will send. I will take pics from all angles for you. I am being pressured to make a decision quickly to do it now but I am not prepared & am thinking I might be better off leaving it until next year. However, our pool pipes may or may not make it through the summer.

The correct pool dimension is 28' x 14' and the concrete deck in front of the pool is 18' from the house to the pool. The pool people are suggesting having a step either 6' or 8' wide in the front on the long side approx. 1' or 2' from the front left hand corner, depending on where the metal joint is in the pool & they will only know where it is when they lift off the vinyl liner.

The large Junipers at the back fence will be removed & I was thinking to have a short retaining wall with a concrete cap across the back & have a raised garden but I don't know how that would affect my Kentucky Coffee tree. As you can see our home is older & overgrown but I do like the green leafy look. The vine on the fence is a climbing hydrangea.

The backyard is shady - I will get you the proper direction. I am giving you these details so that you will get an idea of the kind of questions I have.

Regardless, I would like you to know how very impressed I am with your web site. I have scoured the internet and your site is awesome.

Mar 22, 2009
Pool Stairs Location
by: Susan

Thanks for contacting me.

Regarding the pool stairs, why don't you send me some pictures? That way, I can take a look and we can go from there. Perhaps you don't need any more than some advice. However, if you would like me to get involved in a design or a consultation, once I see some pictures I can give you an idea of my fees. But maybe you don't even need that.


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