Planting Design For Outdoor Pergola

by Joan
(Chapin, South Carolina)

We have build a redwood Pergola in the middle of our backyard. I need some ideas for what to plant around this structure. We do have rabbits and deer that seem to enjoy eating plants in our yard. I can't come up with a unique design for a garden. The pergola is pretty much square in shape.

Thank you,

Hi Joan,
Could you please tell me where you live so that I know the correct plants to recommend and if the area gets sun or is in the shade?


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Pergola Planting Design
by: Susan

A simple thing to do would be to make a bed around the outer perimeter of the pergola, leaving an opening for the entrance. You can do a mix of shrubs, planted in groups, or use all one kind. I happen to like Boxwood 'Green Velvet'.

Depending on how elaborate or simple you want to keep it, you can plant perennials on either one side or both sides.

1. Plant on the outside to get a nice view looking towards the pergola.
2. Plant on the inside to have a colorful view looking out when inside the pergola.
3. Plant both sides!

The perennials should be planted in groups of a minimum of 3 or 5. Vary the colors, textures and heights. For perennial ideas, visit my page Perennial Flowers.
You can also get some excellent ideas for evergreen shrubs here: Evergreen Shrubs.

For added interest you can also include an ornamental tree nearby. This might be a Dogwood, a Japanese Red Maple, or a River Birch. There are many kinds of flowering or ornamental trees that you can use..these were just a few suggestions. See my page on Landscape Trees.


Plants surrounding Pergola
by: Joan

I live about 20 miles NW of Columbia, S.C.
We live on five acres surrounded by woods. The area has about half and half sun and shade, we also live in an area of clay soil. Thank You

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