Planting around Large Shade Trees - Oak

We have 5 large oak trees surrounding our yard, one in the middle-of course we are having a hard time keeping any grass growing. Any suggestions for design, types of grass, year long plants or seasonal plantings.

It depends on how close together the trees are.

If they are close, you might consider creating one large curvilinear bed that encompasses them. You could then add mulch. You could also add some plants that take shade and dry conditions.

You could mix together Ajuga and Lamium. they are both groundcovers that flower. Another plant to add would be Bleeding Heart.

If the shade trees are far apart, consider creating large beds around each one and then adding mulch as above.

As far as types of grass, check with your local garden center for a variety that takes shade and is tough. Over-seed the existing problem areas with this.


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