Paving with Indian Peacock slate

by Rosemary
(Sugar Hill, GA)

I'm waiting for warmer weather to pave about 600 sq. ft. of patio. Seeking reassurance that this imported slate, 16'x16' tiles will be a great choice. I can afford this material because of its reduced price from a long established tile retailer.

Would also like to know if I should use some sort of membrane over the expansion joints.

Truly will appreciate your advice. BTW, I'm in Zone 7, Atlanta, GA metro.


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Feb 26, 2009
cost of the Indian Peacock slate
by: Rosemary

Dear Susan,

The tile company is offering this for $1.50/sq/ft, significantly lower than I've seen at other stores. They bought a very large shipment - forget the number, but huge - many thousands of feet. I bought 100 sq. ft. and laid those out. Beautiful look. Especially love the appearance when wet. Loose laying not an option because of the relative thinness of the tile. Thinset application was their recommendation.

I welcome your opinion and that of others who have installed this type of slate. Cannot afford to make the wrong choice.

Thanks so much, Rosemary, Sugar Hill, GA

Feb 26, 2009
Indian Slate
by: Susan

Hi Rosemary,

I am not really familiar with this material, just slate in general.

You can actually set it in mortar, as you are currently planning, or you can dry lay it also. If dry laid, it will be more forgiving over time, ie., no cracks.

I did look it up and it looks lovely. But I use bluestone rather than slate.

Why are you getting such a good price on it, and what is the price? (If you don't mind my asking). I am curious as to how the cost compares to other materials.


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