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We have a question regarding a new patio and swimming pool decking.

I live in Southern New Jersey. My wife and I just built a new home and are moving in soon. We are interested in putting in a pool. I have met with 2 landscapers already for a designs on the yard around our pool.

I was shocked at the prices I was quoted, particularly on the patios. I am curious because one of the contractors quoted a 1200 sq ft deck costing 29,900 dollars! It is bluestone but I did not expect it to cost so much. Is this right?

Another landscaper quoted a deck with pavers costing roughly 56,000. It seemed significantly larger than the bluestone deck. But again seemed high. I guess what I am really trying to ask is, what should I expect to pay for a 1200 sq ft deck whether it be Bluestone or Pavers? Also what would you recommend I use?

And if you have any other points or ideas I would really appreciate them. I am a professional athlete and I feel they are trying to take advantage of me. I mean 130,000 and 91,000 for landscaping seems really high! Thank you.

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Jun 15, 2009
Bluestone for pool
by: molly

Bluestone is a generic term. Your landscapers may have specified either a stone that costs more to install or more to purchase. There are different choices of bluestone and it's not always hot on your feet.

It can be natural cleft, which means it has varying thicknesses and a natural top. These are all set individually and take more time to install.

It also comes in a thermal top. These are cut from blocks and the tops are then thermalled to add texture. These do cost more per square foot. But, these are usually guaged in thickness which makes them easier (cheaper) to install.

Both styles are available in a full color range or a select blue color. And they come in a range of thicknesses. I sell bluestone and pavers and you can't go wrong with bluestone, it's never going to go out of style or lose it's value.

Pool coping can be fabricated in many different materials, we cut a lot of Indiana limestone for coping and it costs approx $19/lin ft for 2 1/4" full bullnose.

Make sure if you go with the travertine that you get the testing information, especially absorption and freeze/thaw. Good luck

May 21, 2008
Swimming Pool Decking Costs
by: Susan

When you are building a swimming pool, there are two areas that will be priced separately, although the contractor may lump it all together.

The first is the pool decking...the general paving area. The second is the pool coping. The coping is more expensive because it is always mortared in place and sometimes the paving material needs to be cut, particularly if the pool is curvilinear.

Although I am quite familiar with paving prices, I have lost touch a bit with coping prices. Last time I worked with those figures, I believe it was $10 per linear foot. I am sure it is more now.

I admit I am a little confused with your figures since bluestone is always more expensive than pavers, no matter how it is installed.

Pavers for the swimming pool decking should cost roughly $15.00 per square foot, perhaps a little more or less. Therefore, a 1200 sf area would be about $18,000. (This is quite a large amount of square footage.) In addition, there is the cost of the coping.

Bluestone can be dry laid or wet laid in mortar. Typically around swimming pools, bluestone is mortared (set in concrete). This is one of the more expensive choices. I would figure at least $60 per square foot, and then there is coping cost again.

You might consider cutting down on the square footage of the pool decking. A nice way to do this is to cut out one or two areas along the pool edge for planting beds.

Here is a guide to help you visualize square footage spaces. The area for a dining table and chairs should be a minimum of 15 feet in all directions. Chaise lounges will fit in spaces a minimum of 10 feet deep.

If I might make a suggestion. Consider hiring a professional Landscape Designer or Landscape Architect to design the area for you. He/she will work with you regarding design, needs and budget.

They work strictly for you without trying to make money on paving materials for profit. They will also design the pool, plantings and any other landscape elements. They will set the pool elevation where it is optimal and locate it to flow with the design in the best way possible.

One other thing. Bluestone is very hot on the feet, which is why it is not used often is pool areas.

You might consider travertine pavers. They are more expensive than pavers but MUCH less than bluestone. Like pavers, they are dry laid. Yet they are cool to the touch.....and unbelievably beautiful.

Landscaping costs are always more expensive than people realize. It is not difficult to reach $100,000 for a swimming pool landscape design for the pool, paving, landscaping, walkways, etc. It adds up quickly.

My pages on Paving Costs and Travertine Pavers will give you detailed information.

I hope this was helpful. You can always get in touch with me through my contact page.
Good luck!


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