New concrete slab step

by geoge
(Charlotte, NC)

I recently added a screened porch to my house and also had an old cracked concrete slab replaced. Unfortunately, I now have a 7 inch drop from the slab to a messy dirt patch.

I want to add a paver patio off the slab where the dirt is. I want to do it myself, but can't decide on how I should make the step. How do I transition from the concrete slab, to step down, to the patio? Patio material is to be determined.

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Concrete Slab Steps
by: Susan

Ideally, you should really have two risers leading from the concrete slab to the new patio. Risers can range in height from 4" to 8" or more. The only way for you to achieve two risers would be to lower the elevation of the new patio (the existing grade) by one inch, creating two 4" risers.

However, this might create a grading issue for the rest of your yard, since now the grade of the patio will be lower than this surrounding land...unless your land slopes off.

In addition, you now have to build a step leading from the patio upwards to the concrete slab. The existing height/edge of the slab would be one riser and you would then be creating the second riser by building the step.

Given your situation, you might consider only having one step leading down to the patio. A 7" step is acceptable. Therefore, the edge of the slab would be your riser. You would step down off the slab directly onto the patio.

Build the patio so that its top elevation/height is where your existing grade is now. Be sure to grade the new patio away from the concrete slab at 1/4" per foot for drainage.

I hope this was helpful.


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