Need design help after removal of swimming pool

(San Diego CA)

My swimming pool will be removed (buried and filled in) during the month of October. I will then be left with a 15' by 30' oval piece of earth surrounded by concrete walkways on all sides. I really need some good design suggestions for this space. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


It's hard to offer advice without seeing photos of the area. But off the top of my head, have you considered a formal garden in the center. It could have criss-cross walks leading to the existing concrete walks along the perimeter. The bulk of the garden could be just lawn and perhaps have a pretty urn, sculpture or water feature in the center.

Another idea would be to create a patio in this area. To keep costs down, the hardscape material could be gravel or small river rock. You could place a table and chairs in the center...even just a small one.

Lastly, the area could be all perennial gardens. This is the most high maintenance idea, but imagine the color you could have throughout the seasons?! Again, walkways could be created...either crossing the gardens, weaving through in a meandering way, or even just stepping stones placed creatively.


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I Dream of Gravel
by: pomponette

My mother is having her pool filled-in. I suggested that she put in a rocks - several large irregular granite stones as the walk, surrounded by much smaller river rock gravel(aprox.2" size). Make walk stones and gravel the same color(s). Plant two or three drought tolerant ceanothus around the edges (pay attention to vantage point when placing) and maybe one or two other drought tolerant year-round interest type plants.

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