Must Have Landscaping Tools

What would you say are some must have landscaping tools?


When it comes to having a perfectly landscaped yard, there are a few tools that you must have that will not only make the work easier, but will also allow you to do the work properly so you do not damage anything that is planted in your yard.

The first tool that you must have is a small tiller. The reason that you should purchase a small one is that they are easier to move and navigate, plus they are a tool that you must have in order to ensure that the soil receives the proper water and plants are able to get the nutrients that they need in order to grow properly.

A small trowel comes in handy as it is able to go in places that a normal sized trowel cannot. Which means when you must move a plant, you have the tools to do so.

For those that have shrubs or bushes in their yard, then you will definitely need a pruning tool. Why is this? Simply because without the proper pruning, your shrubs and bushes will begin to take on a life of their own and before you know it you are having to wade through branches in order to get out of your front door.

For those that weed, which is something that most all landscapers do, a weeding tool will help save you time and save your hands from the aching that most of those who weed by hand experience. These are fairly inexpensive, and are far worth their value once you factor in the amount of time that you can save by using them.

A three prong cultivator is a great tool to have in order to keep the soil loose and able to take in all the water and sunlight that those plants may need. This is a crucial part in making sure that your landscape is at the best that it can be and is a step that most people tend to forget, however, it is one that all people should do.

A rake is yet another tool that you will want to have on hand simply because it will help you keep your yard looking good year round, plus it makes it much more easier to remove those fallen leaves and other debris that falls into your yard.

A shovel or spade is also a great tool to have for those times that you are doing large work in the yard. With these you can dig a hole much faster for a plant than if you were to use a trowel or something similar.

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