Mixing concrete and travertine pavers

pavers that look like brick

pavers that look like brick

I often see cracked concrete so I am afraid to have a concrete patio. The landscaper we are asking to is suggesting travertine pavers but cost a lot. Is there a way to mix concrete and pavers & not worry about cracked concrete?

There is always a chance of concrete cracking. It doesn't matter if you add another material, the concrete will still be there. Why don't you consider pavers (not travertine pavers? They are less expensive than travertine (although more expensive than concrete).

They make some very nice pavers now...many resemble stone, especially the ones that have more than one color in them. You can choose a pattern with different sizes for interest or you can use very large sizes which can make for an interesting design.

Also, where do you live? If you live in a warmer climate, there are less freeze-thaw conditions so less of a chance of concrete cracking. This occurs when the ground freezes and then thaws out. As this happens the concrete expands and contracts. Ideally, if it is laid probably, there shouldn't be problems, but you never know. Once concrete cracks it is difficult to repair in a way that looks nice. So it always look messy!

You could also reduce the size of your patio to cut down on costs.

Here are some prices to help you in your planning.
Paving Costs

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Concrete in Warmer Climates
by: Landscaping Hawaii

I agree regarding temperature changes causing the cracking. Don't have much of that here in Hawaii, which makes concrete option very popular.

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