laying travertine pavers over concrete patio and extending

by tyler
(huntersville, NC)

Can I lay travertine pavers dry on top of concrete by laying a layer of sand and a solid perimeter and maybe cut out a drop in drain?...I have a pad and am adding to it on one side and will be dry laying beside the concrete and want to integrate without removing?


Hi Tyler,

Although many people do this and you CAN do it, it is not the best solution. When the water percolates down through the travertine pavers (the joints filled with sand), the water has nowhere to go.

You indicated that you are considering putting in a drain. This depends on how your patio (your existing concrete patio) is graded. If it graded properly it will slope approximately 1/4 " per foot away from your house. So where would you put the drain and how would you direct the water to it? If for example your patio was all pitched to the center, then this could work, but I doubt that is the case.

Backtracking a bit...water will run across your patio, if graded correctly, but there will also be water that will seep down through the joints. Typically in a dry laid patio installation, this water is allowed to seep down to the gravel layer and then the earth. With a concrete layer, this can't be done.

So, worst case scenario, there is a huge storm with a deluge of water, and some of the water will collect on your patio.

I understand your wanting to extend your existing patio and have it be the same as the new area with travertine pavers.

Best Solution

Remove your existing patio and dry lay this area with the travertine pavers. I am going to take an educated guess and say that this should cost you under $1000. If I were you, I would spend the money to do it correctly.

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