Landscape Trees - Grouping

by Heather
(Hendersonville TN USA)

I would like some advice on how to plant 3 Dogwood Trees together in a grouping at the corner of my house. How close do I plant them and how do I connect the area with landscaping underneath? Thanks.

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Landscape Trees Comment
by: Anonymous

Planting landscape trees in groups at house corners is a nice idea. It frames the should also be balanced at the other corner.

Many Dogwood Trees can get to be between twenty and thirty feet wide. There are some, however, that do not grow that wide. For example, Stellar Pink will only get to be about eighteen feet in diameter.

Therefore, you should know your variety. Plant the tree at the center a minimum one half the diameter, in feet, away from the house. That will give it room to grow to its mature size without interfering with the building.

For example, if you use Stellar Pink, plant it at least nine feet from the house.

As far as the design of the bed, since Dogwood Trees are wide, you might consider creating a separate planting bed. Otherwise the bed for the landscape trees will be huge.

Let's say your foundation planting bed curves around the house corner. Create another bed out from this curve, leaving lawn in between. If your foundation planting bed is 5 feet wide at the corner, you can have lawn beyond this for five feet (minimum) and then plant a Dogwood on the other side. Triangulate the three Dogwoods so that they are flattering to the design. Then make the Dogwood bed curvilinear, following the placement of the trees.

I hope this was helpful...and not too confusing!

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